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Case File 143
at Color, Stories and Inspiration (CSI)
Hi and thanks for stopping by. This is my latest for the CSI challenge blog. I have such a wonderful time creating for this challenge blog. Love that it not only incorporates an inspiring colour palette but gives you a detailed list of elements to use ( the evidence ) and then heaps of prompts for the journaling on your layouts (the testimony)
This group of photos are of myself with my three beautiful children. They gave me this photo session as Mother's Day gift a couple of years ago. What a fantastic day.

Case File 143
Emma Stafrace sketch that I based my design on

Now for some closeups and the details of the Case File

The Scheme; all 5 colours used, sky blue, scarlet red, gray, black and teal blue.                     

Evidence; I have used mixed media background,stripes,birds, birdcage, cogs, flowers, leaves, circles and butterflies.                                                                                                       

The Testimony; I chose to write my journalling on the back of the layout because I wanted document all the " Brain Candy " I have about my children and these photos. You decided to give me a photo shoot with the three of you for Mothers Day in 2008. This was something you all knew I would absolutely love and which I did. What an amazing day, starting with us deciding to wear the same colors being jeans with either a black or white  shirt. Kyra, DD forgot to bring a black t-shirt so she ended up wearing a PJ top that was covered in cat hair. We all ripped her off about that one all day. Wade (youngest DS) didn't have a white long sleeve shirt so he had to wear one of mine much to his disgust. Having to wear something of Mm's when your 15 is just not on. Makeup and hair was professionally done and DD and I revelled that. The boys were none to happy about having to wear a little foundation for the camera. All dressed and prettied up and we were ready to go. We stood this way and that way, we laid on the floor, we laid against one another, click click click went the shutter. We laughed so hard, and the kids sledged each other that much that the poor photographer had to stop so many times to find her composure so that the photos weren't blurry. I have never laughed so much and tissues were the order of the day to wipe the tears of laughter from our eyes. Not only did we have a fun day but I think that the photographer had so much fun she won't forget us in a hurry either.  For the last group of photos we had to sit one at a time on the floor and the other each had a basket of small plastic brightly coloured balls to drop/throw on the person sitting. Poor DD went first and her brothers made target practice out of her. I think they forgot that their time was coming. Yes, she did get even. In all we all had the best day and as a result we all have the most fantastic memories of a brilliant day with the photo evidence to prove it.

Lots of layers, Gelatos for the colour on the background and the cogs are all embossed with silver

Heaps of 2Crafty Chipboard, flowers and more flowers of course, a bit of sparkle on the feathers and the wings of the birds. A bit of stamping to finish it off.

Thanks for stopping by
Carol xx

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