Monday 30 June 2014

" Our Home "

Hi there everyone,
This is my take on Case File 129 at Color, Stories and Inspiration (CSI)

After reading all the clues I decided to scrap a photo of our newly renovated back deck. As anyone that has renovated knows its a long road to finish. The little photo shows what the area used to look like and the big one being the finished result. We built this area especially for our family and it was the last of our big renos. Nothing better than when all the kids and grandkids come home and we get the chance to sit, eat and enjoy each others company. We had our first Christmas outside on the deck last year and it was just the best day. I took this photo today and considering it is the middle of winter at the moment the sun just streams onto the deck all day making it a relaxing tranquil area both in winter and summer. My hubby and I love to have our morning and afternoon cuppa's on the deck when we can.
 I wanted to share our little piece of heaven as this is a very special gathering place in our home.

The Scheme Bright Yellow- flowers,papers, paints/mists,
                     Medium Gray- letter box and numbers
                     White - paper and little birds
                     Celery Green - leaves, mists/paints, hearts
                     Dark Dark- papers, stamping and little roses..
EVIDENCE: Numbers,flowers,stalks/stems,silver metal,leaning (number 9 leaning against letter box) fabric                        threads.

 TESTIMONY: I decided to use 2 prompts for this layout.
                           First I wrote a 6-word memoir and then I decided to zig-zag it on the layout.
This is case file 129 at CSI where I took my inspiration from.

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Carol xx 

Thursday 26 June 2014

" LOVE "

Hi everyone this is my layout for case file 128 at Color,Stories and Inspiration (CSI)

This is a photo of my beautiful little granddaughter " Eliza " taken at The Hunter Valley Gardens in January 2014. As grandparents we were invited to go along with the kids to have a look at the Christmas lights. The owners of the gardens have collected the lights from all over the world, they are absolutely amazing and a must see for anyone living in the area. The gardens themselves are spectacular with parts dedicated to fairytale stories. Eliza was so taken with these little statues. She hugged, touched, stroked their heads and even kissed one. We couldn't get her to leave them without a few tears so we could look at the rest of the gardens.

 SCHEME; Purple,light purple, light green, white and pale blue. I think that these colours are all evident with in this layout.

TESTIMONY: For my testimony I have framed my journalling with the door frame. I have used the inspiration work WALK with in the story. I haven't written about a door I decided to included one.

EVIDENCE;  I have used the following, door, flowers, distressing, pearls, ribbon and bow, frame and              punches.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I have added a few other close up photos for you to have a look at, enjoy.

This is case file 128 that I took inspiration from to create this layout
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Carol xx

Monday 23 June 2014

" LOVE "

Hi there everyone, I decided to try my hand at the challenge over at The Color Room this time.
This is challenge no #169  A monochromatic palette of white and olive-y-green. I think that you can see that I have used these colours very well in this layout. One of the other requirements was fabric. You can see his in the background, I glued gauze down before I coloured the background and I used fabric flowers. Some I made with paper and tulle and some I bought. I also wanted to add some leaves so I cut a few out of some hessian I had and I am very happy with the way they turned out.
This is a brilliant photo of my son-in-law "Scott " with my super cute granddaughter " Milly ". They had a family day at Australia Wildlife Walkabout Park in June 2014 with Mum and sister. I loved this photo when I saw it and knew Iwanted it to be my next project. I tried to give it a small amount of masculinity with the cogs. Not to much though, hence the flowers and pearls.

This is the colour palette that I used from The Color Room

Just a couple of closeups

The larger green flowers were single but I added layers of tulle and then some gold stamens and I loved the result.

Gauze added to the background before misting or painting adds an amazing dimension to the layout. 

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Carol xx

Saturday 21 June 2014

" Gorgeous "

My White With One layout for the month of June
Hi everyone this is my take on the challenge over at White with One. This month it is white with the colour Pomegranate.
This is a very old photo of yours truly. It was taken out side St James church in Dandenong, Victoria in 1977. I was all dressed up for the wedding of two of my very closest friends from school. I laughed when I saw the photo, my hair style and gotta love the layered look of the dress. Maxi dress and platform shoes, I think the fashions have come a full circle. I felt the colour of the dress went so perfectly with this colour palette.

Lots of colour, stamping and gesso in this background.

Just a couple op close ups of the cluster of the flowers at the base of the photo. Love the filigree heart that I added.

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Carol xx

Friday 13 June 2014

" The Sheriff "

A Boys Layout of Jake and Wade

Hi everyone, I thought it was about time that I scrapped a page of my boys for a change. With so many of the challenges online being for the girls it hard to scrap boy pages. 
 Scrap the Boys is a site dedicated to scrapping those male pages. This is my take on the June challenge which is using a larger picture  ( we all have them ) The trend seems to be to use much smaller pictures and more than one. 
The size that I went with is a 5 x 7. This photo was taken at Old Sydney Town on the Central Coast. It is of my 2 son's Jake and Wade. My how they have grown. This photo was taken about 1997

 These are just a couple of closeups. I did heaps of painting and embossing on this page. The corrugated background was painted as was most of the chippies. The Sheriffs badge was on a hat we had in the shed. Perfect!! Inka Gold paste in the copper colour was brilliant on my painted embellies. I wanted the page to have an olde rusty look and I think I achieved that. My cheapest embellishment has to be the rusty bottle tops on the rosettes. They are carparks everywhere, I have been collecting them for a while and love to use them on vintage or male pages.

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Carol xx

Tuesday 10 June 2014

" Friends Together "

This is my layout for Case File no 126 at CSI (Color,Stories and Inspiration)
" Friends Together " 
I have wanted to scrap this beautiful photo of myself and my best friend for such a long time but could never come up with a layout to put it on. When I saw the colours in this case file palette I knew that this was the perfect layout to use this photo. I used the invitation prompt for the journaling to invite her to be my " scrap sister " for a lifetime as she was the one that introduced me to scrapbooking about Feb 2011.  We have the absolute best time when we can get together to scrap.

THE SCHEME- All 5 colours have been used
Bright Turquoise - Background
Light Blue - Background and base paper and on birdies
White - Paper and small flowers
Sunny yellow - Everywhere
Orange - Everywhere

Chevrons...........Background Paper
Polka Dots.........Ribbons and papers
Ampersand...........Between our names
Hearts..... All over the page
Transparent element....Ribbon
Something sweet....the little birdies are sweet
Textured paper....Background paper

Write your journaling as an invitation.
That's exactly what I did, I invited my  best friend to be my " scrap sister " for ever.


                                 This is the case file that gave me the inspiration to create this beautiful layout

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Carol xx 

Saturday 7 June 2014

" Glitz & Glam "

Hi every one this is my take on the Case File no 125 over at Color, Stories and Inspiration ( CSI )
I absolutely loved the colours in this case file. They would have to be my all time favorite combination. When I saw the palette I instantly knew which photo I wanted to scrap. 
This dress was bought for a ball that was being organised to raise money for essential services. My girlfriend and I had already bought our frocks and shoes when we found out that the ball had been cancelled. Rather than waste our new dresses and shoes we decided to see who would be interested in an alternative. So about 12 of us went out for dinner, dancing and a fantastic night at the old Minmi Court House. My girlfriend and I were so happy that we didn't waste our beautiful dresses.

THE SCHEME . I have definitely used all 5 colours of the palette in the layout. 
bright teal, lime green, pale blue with hint of green, pale yellow and last pale gray

EVIDENCE  (choose at least 2)
Flowers - everywhere
Clock - little wooden bottom left corner
Something sheer - the gause misted to match the palette
Scallops - In the lace and the little gray lace under the flower cluster
Textured paper - silver paper in layers has been embossed to give it texture
Resin accents - the light bulb in the flower cluster
Decorative frame - around the journaling, film strips
Wood -the clock
Ampersand - In the title

I used the Inspiration Words in my  journaling. 
Time, relax and comfort. I have added some further journaling about the evening that I can't share to the back of the layout.

 This is case file 125 at CSI that gave me the inspiration to create my layout.

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Carol xx

Wednesday 4 June 2014

" Bali Magic "

          This layout inspired by the June mood board at                               " Scrap Around the World " 

When I first saw the mood board all I could think of was summer. The sun, the warmth, the gorgeous flowers and everything else about my favorite time of the year. I was thinking about all the wonderful summers of past and one that sticks in my mind was the summer of 2011 when I surprised my hubby with a trip to Bali for his 50th birthday. I have a chronic fear of flying so this was a real present of love for me especially for me to get on a plane. I did it and had the best holiday ever.
This mood board of Di Garling's has everything about summer and of course for me reminders of Bali. The yellow flowers and the greenery is everywhere in Bali. The wooden fence inspired the corrugated papers,  the love sign, well this was definitely a trip out of love and of course the image of the bike. If any one has been to Bali then you will know that there are bikes everywhere, I think there are more bikes than cars.

Lots of flowers like the mood board. Some I made some I had. Lots of work on the background and of course my Gelatos. The colours in my dress went perfectly with this page and no the colour of me isn't wrong, I WAS VERY BURNT !!
I didnt use the word LOVE but the love heart is the symbol. 

This is so Bali, the deck chairs and umbrella 's on the beaches and of course thongs on the feet, which I made myself. I stamped the Hibiscus flowers and coloured them with my Gelatos.

Loved the bike on the mood board because this is so Bali and most Indonesian countries. Its hilarious to see up to 5 people of all ages on those  little mope-heads (families)

       This is the mood board designed by the very talented Di Garling for Scrap Around the World.

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Carol xx