Wednesday 4 June 2014

" Bali Magic "

          This layout inspired by the June mood board at                               " Scrap Around the World " 

When I first saw the mood board all I could think of was summer. The sun, the warmth, the gorgeous flowers and everything else about my favorite time of the year. I was thinking about all the wonderful summers of past and one that sticks in my mind was the summer of 2011 when I surprised my hubby with a trip to Bali for his 50th birthday. I have a chronic fear of flying so this was a real present of love for me especially for me to get on a plane. I did it and had the best holiday ever.
This mood board of Di Garling's has everything about summer and of course for me reminders of Bali. The yellow flowers and the greenery is everywhere in Bali. The wooden fence inspired the corrugated papers,  the love sign, well this was definitely a trip out of love and of course the image of the bike. If any one has been to Bali then you will know that there are bikes everywhere, I think there are more bikes than cars.

Lots of flowers like the mood board. Some I made some I had. Lots of work on the background and of course my Gelatos. The colours in my dress went perfectly with this page and no the colour of me isn't wrong, I WAS VERY BURNT !!
I didnt use the word LOVE but the love heart is the symbol. 

This is so Bali, the deck chairs and umbrella 's on the beaches and of course thongs on the feet, which I made myself. I stamped the Hibiscus flowers and coloured them with my Gelatos.

Loved the bike on the mood board because this is so Bali and most Indonesian countries. Its hilarious to see up to 5 people of all ages on those  little mope-heads (families)

       This is the mood board designed by the very talented Di Garling for Scrap Around the World.

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