Friday 12 September 2014

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CSI (Color,Stories and Inspiration) 
Case file no 138

Another case file at CSI and what a case file it is. When I first saw the colours I started to do a modern school page but the more I got into it the page started to transform into a vintage layout  LOL. Funny how that happens.

This is a photo of myself, my hubby and my youngest son Wade. 
In 2007 on a family holiday to visit my Mum and Dad we did a slight detour to a place that I absolutely love, Sovereign Hill in the beautiful city of Ballarat, Victoria  As a child growing up in Victoria all the schools that I went to would have their  school excursions to this place, so I have been there many many times.
Sovereign Hill is a historical township set in the gold rush days which is what Ballarat historically famous for, the gold rush. Thousands of men, women and families flocked to the goldfields in the hope of finding their fortunes either in the alluvial veins buried the rocks or in the gold nuggets that were littered in the river beds. Panning for gold was the easiest way to find these precious little nuggets in the rivers beds and was an activity we all undertook whilst on our school excursions. 
I as a child learnt so much about Australian history on these school excursions. Going back as an adult was wonderful. The volunteers that work at  this attraction dress in the period costumes, bake food in the traditional way, make candles, build and repair all the exhibits in the old fashioned way and you can watch them go about their work. 
They have school children taking classes in the same way the children of the gold rush would have with their little blackboards and chalk. Learning the three essentials, reading writing and arithmetic. You can stand at the back of the class rooms and watch the kids in class having their lessons with the very strict school mistress. The kids in these classes are actually on a school camp and usually are there for 2 weeks at a time learning in a very unique atmosphere, dressing in period costume, sleeping on site and eating on site. Weather permitting they can also live EXACTLY the same way, in tents and 
cook around  the campfire. basically for the 2 weeks they live as the kids of the gold rush era. What an amazing learning environment.

The Scheme; Bookish blue, Busy brown, Beige, Pink, Dark Teal - all colours used.
Evidence; I have used the following, wood grain paper, grid pattern (is texture pasted on the background) damask, ruler, key, buttons, paint.
Testimony; My testimony is my story above and I have documented some of it on the tags behind the photo and finished the story on the rear of the layout. I wrote about a school excursion and used a couple of the prompt words being work and learn


                                                     A COUPLE OF CLOSEUPS


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