Saturday 20 September 2014

" Beauty is ..."

Hello everyone on this gorgeous Spring afternoon.
This is my take on case file 139 at CSI (Color,Stories and Inspiration)

This week I had to incorporate not only the case file requirements but also the sketch
 by Emma Stafrace.

This time I decided to scrap our gorgeous little girl " Charli Girl " I used the following story as my journalling which part of it is on the front of the page and the rest I have recorded on the rear of the layout, I hope you enjoy a look at our special family member.
My journalling (Testimony)
Born in November 2010, Charli Girl came into our home as a 6 week old puppy. Since then she has filled our lives with so much laughter and happiness that now we could not imagine our home without her.
Being a pure breed Pug she has all the behavioural problems and issues of a pug. She is obsessed with food and will bark at me if I have some and won't share. She hates to be left alone, she hates exercise but when we do take her for a walk she dictates where we go and if we try to go on another path she will stand firm and you can actual pull her out of her harness. She loves to sleep which is usually on my pillows even when I am in the bed, she is more an alarm dog than a guard dog, she would open the door for a burglar especially if they had food. As soon as you sit down she will be on your lap as she craves affection and will jump all over you till she get comfortable and then she will go to sleep. She drops hair like no other breed, her teeth are crooked and her eyes are cross eyed. She loves a hot bath and will lie down in it while your trying to wash her. She sits and waits near the gate for me to come home and won't play or have anything to do with anyone else till I do, just mopes around. If I don't feed her at exactly the same time every afternoon she will harass me until I do by jumping on me, standing on my legs if I'm sitting down, squashing her face into mine and she now has learnt to sneeze on me to get my attention and its always about 4pm But even with all her bad behaviour and pushy personality we wouldn't trade this gorgeous girl for anything.

Scheme: All colours used.
Evidence: In this case file I have used, stripes,flowers (of course), butterfly, two of something (arrows), other animal and flourish.
Testimony: as above.

Case File 139 at Color, Stories and Inspiration (CSI)

                     The sketch by Emma Stafrace that I based my layout on.

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