Sunday 3 August 2014

" Those Eyes "

     Hi every one this is case file no 132 at CSI (Color,Stories and Inspiration)
Case files at CSI are divided into 4 parts, The Scene, The Scheme, The Evidence and The Testimony. 
This is the Testimony that is on the rear of the photos and on the back of the page.
This is the my very cute little granddaughter  "Eliza" in Summer eating a yummy Icypole. I think in Australia during our hot summers most of us would have enjoyed at some time the joy of having a frozen icypole from the freezer. Whether they are "Cool Pops or "Super Doopers" or any of the numerous brands available I know Eliza is really enjoying hers in this photo. Everyone would try to get to the new packet first to get the best flavours. Now they have real fruit juice ones.  Eliza is sitting on her sofa bed, watching her favourite TV show with this very cooling little treat. How many times have we used these threats as a way of getting our children to have fluids especially when they might be sick. I remember having Glugs (coke) Sunnyboys(orange) or Razz's (red) as a child. Little triangles of frozen flavoured liquid. We would go to the local swimming pool and on the walk home which was about 4 ks we would be allowed to have a treat of one of these. I remember that they would cost 5c and if you were lucky you might have found a " get one free" stamped on the inside. It was so exciting to get a free one for the next trip to the pool. These were something you could eat on your own or in the company of others.
Even now that I'm all grown up, during summer I still have a stash of these in my freezer because I and all of the family still love them. I might add that still to this day the orange ones are always the ones that are left till last.

                               The Scheme: Light blue, Light charese, medium brown, pale yellow and cherry red.
All used and a few more.
                               The Evidence: These are what I used, leaves, branches,string (around the ribbon), ribbon (hidden ion the cluster), punches, pour something on your page (paint, Dylusions, microbeads), floral pattern(on the papers in the layers)
The Testimony; I used a couple this time see above.
I journaled about food.
I wrote a Haiku poem.
I used inspo words in eat,company and cute.

                                        This is case file 132 that I used to create this layout

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Keep smiling 

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