Sunday 17 August 2014

" NZ Summer Holiday "

Hi there all, this is a bit of a change for me to to a male page but this is my adorable Hubby on a recent trip to New Zealand.
posted a challenge on travel I decided that this was a great advantage to start documenting our holiday with some great photos and incorporate it into a male theme which is something that I don't so often.
So this is my take on challenge no 33 Travel Adventures at Scrap Africa.
Oh and I have to thank my daughter for the T-Shirt that she bought that I might add he wore for most of our trip and yes it got some laughs, fingers pointed and giggles everywhere we went.

Part of the challenge is documenting the travel adventures. I have listed the date, location on the tags to the left but on the back of the page I've documented the following;
Pat (hubby) and I decided to take a trip to the south island of New Zealand in December 2013 for his birthday and our anniversary which is on the same day. What a breathtaking and wonderful country this is.
Travelling where we wanted to and not a plan insight we were driving along when we saw a sign on the road
 " Moeraki Boulders "
With no plans and no time frames we decided to take a look and have a coffee break. What a magical and very interesting place. " Koekohe Beach "  is where you find these boulders scattered along the beach where there are groups of these perfectly round rocks. We wandered up and down the beach and were enthralled by them. Local Maori legend says that these are the remains of eel baskets washed ashore from a canoe called "araiteuru". Scientist say that they have been underground and over time have been  uncovered by soil erosion. They came in all different sizes and unfortunately some had been broken by erosion. There were clusters of 2 or up to 15 in groups scattered along this very pretty beach of all different sizes. We decided that a walk along the beach before we went into the coffee shop was the order of the day and taking in this spectacular site was so worth the break from our driving. Our imaginations went wild with our stories of how these amazing boulders came to be there. They looked like marbles dropped from the heavens but just heaps bigger. Bowling balls of long past giants left in the sand. Us like many of the other visitors to this magical place had a ball taking fun snaps either sitting on top of them or leaning on them with your hands as if your were pushing them along. If ever in New Zealand I would highly recommend a visit to this place.

Heaps of layers of paper and corrugation which A painted in Gesso. My cog was painted and then I smudged some silver Inka paste on it.

The ribbon/bow is made out of a strip of hessian that I cut to suit and then frayed the edges. Rustic leaves and just a couple of " manly " flowers.

 Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the journey

Carol xx

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