Saturday 9 August 2014

" Cute "

Case File no 134 at CSI (Color,Stories and Inspiration )
Hi everyone this is my take on the case file. This is my granddaughter Eliza playing in her tent in the loungeroom. Playing peek a boo.I felt the case file just lends itself  to fun and playing and this photo was just the perfect fit for me.
This layout was also based on the sketch by Emma Stafrace

The Scheme;bright yellow, medium aqua, navy blue, light beige/ivory and reddish orange. As you can see all the colours have been used.

The Evidence; aliens,bird,metal,stitching,circles

The Testimony;I wrote a thank you to my granddaughter Eliza to thank her for all the wonderful thinks she brings to my life.

Question 2
What would you say is your "fingerprint" on you scrapbook pages?
This one is so easy,  Flowers. I love them and will always find a home for them on one of my layouts.

                                         This is the case file and sketch that I used for my inspiration

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hope you enjoy

Carol xx

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