Saturday 23 August 2014

" Make a Difference "

Hi everyone this is my layout for case file no 136 at CSI (Color,Stories and Inspiration)
This is my eldest granddaughter Emelia ( Milly ). She just loves to dress up as Princess. Milly is fascinated with all things related to princesses and I think she has every DVD that has ever been made about any type of Princess. Because she is still so little her interpretation of a princess is any girl in a long dress with a tiara and of course long hair. When I saw this case file all I could think about was the photo of  Milly in this little pink dress that I bought her and her tiara and bling.

I used a flower stencil on the background and some texture paste. Then I coloured the background with the pink from the Gelatos. Some black stamping and the black and white Washi tape oh and added some plater tape for some extra texture.
I coloured the doilies with Dylusions which I think they came out great and what a pop of colour to the background. I also used the same colour on the tulips in the flower cluster.

Now for the case file;
The Scheme; chartreuse, turquoise,white,ballerina pink and black, all used
The Evidence; In this layout I used, text print (stamping),curl or fold something (my journalling), butterflies,lace,string,leaves,wet medium,mesh and wings
The Testimony; I documented a solitary Pleasure being dressups and also used the Inspirational words of Joy, Solitude and drift.
In the little roll that has been tied with string just under the flower cluster I documented the following;

My Granddaughter Milly loves playing dressups.She loves to play on her own or with other. She will try to get Mum, Dad, Nanny or her little sister involved at any chance she can. She will DRIFT  in and out of her room showing anyone that is in range her beautiful creations of dresses, hats, boa's, tutu's and of course all the necklaces, bangles and the prized tiara upon her head. She always gets first pick of the dress up box and everyone else has to play with the leftovers. 
In the SOLITUDE of her room her imagination takes her to her imaginary worlds of beautiful dreamy places where princesses ride unicorns on rainbows. Where the grass is always soft and  green without a bindy insight. Where there is no rain to stop you going outside only the sun shining down from a big beautiful blue sky. Where at night firecrackers light up the dark sky putting on a display that looks like diamonds and other precious gems falling from the darkness. Where everybody loves everyones else and nobody is in pain. Where everyone smiles and all you hear is laughter as everyone plays at being friends. 
While Milly is in her thoughts you can hear her chatter as she takes on the roles of the people that she has dressup like. Her biggest JOY would be dressing up as a beautiful "Princess"

Question 4
What is your favourite part of CSI - the color the stories or the inspiration?
For me it would have to be the color. I love playing with the colour side of these case files.

                             This is the case file which gave me the inspiration for this layout

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Carol xx

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