Friday 23 May 2014

" Cherish "

This is my layout " Cherish " that I created from Case File #123 over at the Color, Stories and Inspiration (CSI) challenge site

The photos I used in this layout are of my gorgeous eldest granddaughter  " Milly May ". 
I nearly didn't take up this challenge as I struggled with the colors and couldn't find any photos. I came across these two beauties of her playing with "sparklers". I think they are just so fitting to the case file. In one of the photos her Dad Scott, "photo bombed " her,  but a few of well placed flowers and and angel and sorry to say Dad faded into the background. Milly loves sparklers as she can makes all sorts of shapes and figures out of the trail that they leave. She takes such good care not to burn her little fingers when they get close to the end. In one of the photos you can actual see where the line has been left from the sparkler making a fantastic effect to the photo. I always keep a couple of packets in the house for those warm summer nights as a special treat just before bed.

Turquoise, red, pale blue, navy and white, what a combination and at first very daunting for me but I have used all the required colours in this layout and a couple of others.

THE EVIDENCE;  (choose at least 2)
In the evidence list I chose many of the clues to use in my layout. Mixed media background, jewels (on the scroll) stamping (on the background), floral pattern (on the paper layers), border punch(on the 2nd paper), dragon or other creature ( my cute angels), wings (on the bird and the angels) and lastly flowers, pretty evident that I love to use heaps of flowers on my layouts.

TESTIMONY; (choose at least 1)
Testimony is the hardest part for me, I'm not one to add any journaling to my layouts. This layout and photo called for the journaling to be added like a fairy-tale. I chose the scroll to write my fairy-tale as I thought it complimented the layout so well.

 This is the case file #123 over at CSI that I got my clues from to create my layout.

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