Thursday 5 November 2015

" Gesso "

 Hi and welcome to my little blog.

Im going to add some other ideas that I have tried and tested in my scrapping. Today I decided to share what I think is a great money saving idea.

Gesso -  normal or heavy !!!
a product that most scrappers especially those who like me love mixed media will use.
For those that are not quiet sure what you use Gesso for, its your primer, your undercoat or the product you use if you want to change the colour of a product your using. You may want to "tone" down a pattern paper, then coat your paper with a thin coat of Gesso. Applying a coat of Gesso to chipboard before you paint it will give you a true colour when you add colour.

Which one do you use or are you like me and use both of them depending on the project. 
I recently ran out of the "heavy" gesso and went on the hunt to replace it. 
I was so surprised that there is only one company that I could source that sells an actual heavy Gesso. 
Unable to buy it locally or online I found this Gesso, WOW!!

As the label says its Gesso primer but its so thick that it is exactly the same as  " Heavy Gesso " and the coverage is brilliant. If I want to use a thinner coverage (normal Gesso) then 
just add some water to a little and use the same way. 
Viola !! I have both types of Gesso in the one container and I might say for a lot less cost.
This 500ml tub cost me $21.00 in Eckersleys

 I was so impressed by the Gesso that I decided to try the moulding paste.
The moulding paste was around the same price for a 500ml tub as the Gesso..
I'm converted now. When you need to replace either give them a try

Not working for this company, just sharing 

till next time keep on scrapping

Carol xx

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