Monday 3 August 2015

" My mini ink holder "

 Hi everyone
just popping in to show you all what I think is a clever little idea that I came up with.

For all of you out there that do mixed media or use alot of different inks on your creations.

I am one of those and seem to have alot of inks open at one time. I unfortunately knocked over one of my ink bottles. lucky for me I grabbed it and only lost about half.

This was my idea and of course I asked my very supportive hubby to make it for me.

I figured 6 slots were the perfect amount.

He wanted to paint it for me
but I figure enough inks will be dripped
over time to cover it beautifully.

He made the slots a little on the big side but
as most mistakes are, this one worked 
out fantastic because I can put the lids
down the side of the bottle.

If you wanted to you can l;eave the brushed in the
bottles while your working because
they wont spill over.

I hope you like my idea of my " Mini Ink holder "

Thanks for stopping by
till next time

keep on scrapping

Carol xx

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