Sunday 11 May 2014

" Its the simple things "

This layout was  inspired by the May mood board challenge over at Berry71bleu

This layout is based on the theme of the mood board being "Simple Pleasures ". I think there is nothing like the simple pleasure of  making a wish. Its something we all do continuously through our lives, some of us do it many times. How many things do we make wishes on, the first star we see at night, throwing a coin in a fountain, pulling the wish bone apart from a chicken, blowing out candles on a birthday cake and the list goes on. These are just a few that I can remember, how many can you think of ?   This is a photo of my youngest granddaughter  Eliza making a wish with a Dandelion but I remember when I was a child we called  them "one o'clocks".
 What did you call them?

For this challenge I chose to use the colours of the pinks in the flowers and the drink, the aqua in the flowers and the background of the wallpapers, the cream from the cup and the pages of the book, the brown of the chair and the yellow in the flowers.
I love using these colours in my layouts and I think this is evident in the flowers as I think most of the pretty colours are there. I made quite a few of the embellishments for this layout. The butterflies were a "mistake " which is usually how you come up with something that looks amazing. I think that the final result was butterflies that look like mother of pearl. They are so cute that I will definitely using them again.
As you can see I have used heaps of layers in this layout and added the sewing element around the edges. Lots of laces and ribbons, stamping and of course the media that I absolutely love, Gelatos for the background colours. Gesso and stenciling added heaps of texture to the background. On the mood board was a couple of metal elements being the coffee pot and hanging plant holder so I added the little zip handle.

This is the wonderful mood board  at Berry71Bleu  that inspired me to create a layout that I'm very proud of. The person who created the board is  Tusia Lech 

Thanks for stopping by
Keep smiling 

Carol xx

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