Sunday 19 February 2017

" 20Sixteen #wewereHERE "

Hello there my lovely friends,

Just a quick post as I have been so busy with my new teaching gig that I realised that I haven't' been here for a little while.

So this is one that I did which I ended up giving to my girlfriend Michelle because she nagged me so much for it..
Michelle and I did a 10 day trip to central Australia in 2016 for the purpose 
of seeing the " Field of Lights " at Uluru.

It was sensational as was all the other wonderful sights.
We had so many very funny times with lots of laughs.

We did lots and lots of the selfies and got so good that if anyone asked us if we would like them to take our photo we kindly said  " No"

We did numerous normal photos and then finished with a silly one.

I love this Australiana paper, just perfect for our travels.

This is the silly photo 

I hope you enjoyed your trip here as much as I enjoyed 
showing you a small glimpse into my trip.

till next time


Carol xx

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